Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The SECOND ever Trade Trade: Signups

Hey there. Howsabout we have another Trade Trade? I was happily surprised with the buzz the first Trade Trade received and was highly encouraged by many people to have another before Christmas. So here we go!

This Trade Trade's theme will be: jewel tones!

Oooooh, aaaaaaaah!

 This means you Trade Traders can create something with jewel colors in mind. These include blue, purple, green, and red (sometimes a rich yellow or orange too, maybe even fuschia). Don't feel limited to just those colors, but the concept of jewel tones needs to be in there somewhere.

I have created a Pinterest board here for color inspiration. Feel free to check out the swaps from round one here and here.

Here are the rules and guidelines:

To participate, you must contact mail me at by November 13th. Please provide me your name (first and last), your mailing address (where you want to receive the Trade Trade), and a lil something about yourself you wouldn't mind me sharing on the blog.

Once I receive all participant names and information, I will use my random name generator to assign partners. Then, I will email each of you to let you know where to send your Trade.

Again, let's keep the budget to $10 or less for any new supplies, and please incorporate items you already have.

Last time we had three weeks to craft, but with Thanksgiving right in the middle of this round, I've added another week for everyone. The deadline this time will be December 18th. This means your trade should be in the mail no later than that date, on its way to another Trade Trader.

I am really excited to be hosting a second round of Trade Trade and I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Happy Trade Trading!


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