Friday, October 18, 2013

Trade Trade Success, Part 2!

Thank you for your patience, all you Trade Traders and TT Watchers! Here are some more of the Trade Trade items I wasn't able to share with you the other day.

Owl Charm Bracelet by Necia
Amigurumi Owl by Corine!

There are two other items that I don't have pictures for at the moment: an awesome Owl Tote by Megan and Owl Necklace by Eva (I know! She made two Trade Trades; she is amazing!). Hopefully I can get those pictures and share them with you.

I have received a lot of positive feedback, both here and on the Facebook page. People are asking me when they can sign up for the next Trade Trade. I'm thinking mid-November, to cover Thanksgiving, with an early December deadline so we can beat the big Christmas rush (if you're not in that already!). I'll "post sign-ups" (via Facebook, email, in person, here on the blog) after we roll into November, if that is okay with everyone ;).

I'm so happy with the results of the first ever Trade Trade! Thank you Corine, Eric, Eva, Jennifer, Jillian, Kristi, Megan, Necia, and Sheila for being the TT Pioneers. I am looking forward to the next round!


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